安西 英美
Nickname Unknown
Height Unknown
Birthday January 6th
Hometown Kanagawa
Blood Type O
Management Aoni Production
Debut Year Unknown
Status Unknown

Website Unknown
Agency Profile Unknown
Blog Unknown
Twitter Unknown

Anzai Hidemi is a Japanese seiyuu.

Anime RolesEdit

  • Binbou Shimai Monogatari - Echigoya Kinko's Housemaid, Male Student (ep 4)
  • Dai Yamato Zero-go - Dai (Ozuma's son)
  • Gegege no Kitarō - Child (s5 eps 23, 53), Girl (s5 ep 20)
  • Hakaba Kitarō - Child (ep 1), Customer (ep 9), Friend (ep 4), Old Lady (eps 3, 6)
  • Mononoke - Passenger (ep 11)

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