おみむら まゆこ
Nickname Omimayu, Oomii
Height Unknown
Birthday October 26th, 1979
Hometown Yubari, Hokkaido
Blood Type B
Management 81 Produce
Debut Year Unknown
Status Unknown

Website Unknown
Agency Profile Unknown
Blog Unknown
Twitter Unknown

Omimura Mayuko is a Japanese seiyuu.


Omimura Mayuko was born Hofuku Minako (宝福 美奈子) in Yubari, Hokkaido, Japan on October 26th, 1979. Towards the end of 8th grade, she was introduced to voice acting by a friend, who encouraged her to attend the Amusement Research Institute. She made her debut as a virtual idol seiyuu in 1996 as CG characters in Ueda Yuji's After School Wonder Club, at which point she began to go by the stage name Omimura Minako (麻績村 まゆ子). The "Omimura" is derived from  the Omi in Higashichikuma District, Nagano.

In 1997, she got a part-time job as a DJ at an internet cafe in Akihabara, where she was discovered by a producer. She began doing other work on TV becides CG characters at that point. She signed with the company Wonder Entertainment.

In 1998, her contract with Wonder Entertainment was suddenly dissolved. She switched labels to Scitron Disc.

 In 2004, she changed the spelling of her stage name to be in all hiragana.

Anime RolesEdit

  • Akiba-chan - Otome
  • Bamboo Blade - Andō Yūri
  • D4 Princess - Hoshiru
  • Flint: The Time Detective - Lovelove
  • Gunparade Orchestra - Yoshida Haruka
  • Miracle! Mimika - Himeno Mimika
  • Mirmo Zibang! - Rilum
  • Sgt. Frog - Poyon
  • Super Mobile Legend Dinagiga - Tōno Hikari
  • Taro the Space Alien - Rie
  • Tsuyokiss - Cool×Sweet - Satō Yoshimi
  • Ultra Maniac - Sakura Nina

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