Hi there. If you don't know me, you do now. I'm Kamiko, otaku for 3 years and counting and super fangirl for Okubo Rumi. This wiki, as I have discovered, has been inactive since 2009. I'm here to clean it up and make it... y'know... a good wiki. So it seems being the only active person here right now, this place is mine. If you need anything, come to me. Now, if you happened to stumble upon this place and thought, "Hey, I can help make this a good wiki!" you are completely correct. Here's some stuff you can do to make that happen.

  • Make and edit pages for male seiyuu (I only cover the girls).
  • Add tags to the pages that need it, tags should include gender (Male or Female) and management, and "Deceased" if appropriate. All tags should be capitalized.
  • Make pages for all the seiyuu in the various company lists I have set up (check under Companies tag to find them).
  • Add biographies and trivia, Japanese wikipedia is a good source for that. Inoue Marina is a good example page. Actually, Inoue Marina is a good example page for everything.
  • Link the twitters in the infoboxes, and link the companies in the infoboxes to their respective wiki pages. I've been trying to do that but I've probably missed some.
  • Add pictures. I collect pictures of celebrities I like, so I only add pictures for those who are part of my collection. It can be any picture of any size, as long as it shows the person's face and is high-quality.
  • Update role listings, which is something I constantly neglect to do. Especially do this for those who have no or few roles listed.
  • Add role listing for live-action TV/films (voice-over), dubbing, and video games. Make these under different catagories from the anime role listing. Title them, "Video Game Roles", "Dubbing Roles" and "Live-Action Roles".

Now, since this place is mine and all, I guess I have the right to make the rules. So here are the rules. Obey them, please.

  • All seiyuu pages should include an infobox, which should be as filled out as it can be. I suggest using Japanese wikipedia to help. The title should be the person's name in kanji (or hiragana, or whatever they spell it with).
  • Role listing is reccomended to come from Anime News Network, as it's definitely the most detailed (English) source out there. Not a requirement, but still recommended for your convenience. Japanese Wikipedia actually has quite a few shows that ANN doesn't, so if you have the time and energy to translate and type out every single show and role listed there, please do.
  • Role listing should be alphabetized by show. I'd prefer you to use the Japanese title of the show (e.g.: "To Aru Majutsu no Index", rather than "A Certain Magical Index"), but since I mostly copy-paste role listing from ANN I don't really bother to do this. It's still appreciated.
  • Eastern naming order (surname before given, e.g.: Hayashi Kana rather than Kana Hayashi) should be used when referring to people or characters. When I found this place everything was done in Eastern, so that's how we're going to keep it. Also I like it better that way.
  • No pages on entire shows or characters. This is a seiyuu wiki, not an anime wiki.
  • Use accents on letters where necessary, please (i.e.: ō). I don't enforce this too much, but I'd appreciate it.
  • When listing height, it should be organized as "xxx cm (x'x")"
  • When listing birthday, it should be organized as "[month] [day]th, [year]". e.g.: March 18th, 1983.
  • Things listed in the infobox shouldn't be on the page, to avoid being redundant. The exception to this is that every biography should start with, "[name] was born on [date] in [hometown]." (e.g.: "Hayashi Kana was born on September 13th, 1992 in Hokkaido, Japan.")
  • Unnamed roles should be followed by an episode number (e.g.: Female Student (ep 12)) unless the unnamed role is specific (e.g.: Kana's Mother, or Student Council President).
  • I prefer not to bold main roles, but I may change my mind about this later.
  • Roles should be listed as [series] - [character] (e.g.: Super Catgirls! - Hayashi Kana).

That would be all, then. Thanks for stopping by. ^^